IATEFL Brimingham 2016

IATEFL Brimingham 2016

This month the world’s EFL teacher’s eyes were on the annual conference of IATEFL. The conference was opened by David Crystal, a patron in ELT and a humble person. He talked about the language change between 1966 (the time when IATEFL was founded) and up to 2016. Speech was called ” Who would have thought it? The English Language 1966 – 2066″. He mentioned neologisms entered into English language since January 2016.

Some of the favorites:

Wasband (noun) – a former husband  (was + husband)

Grey gapper (noun) –a person of retirement age who takes a year out of their normal life to go travelling

Basic  (adjective) – unattractive, unpleasant and unsophisticated

He also mentioned these new words:

Dolly bird– an attractive but unintelligent young woman.

Pocket dial – when we accidentally dial someone when our phone is on our pocket

Binge watch – noun the practice of watching multiple episodes of a television programme in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming

The second plenary speaker was Silvana Richardson. She is Head of Teacher Development at Bell and has worked in English language teaching for over 25 years.  Her speech was entitled ” The ‘Native Factor’ – The haves and the have – nots” and why we still need to talk about this in 2016. ”  She talked about the native factor in EFL industry. She had done a research on EFL teachers in industry and mentioned that many employers still demand native speakers in their enterprises (Language schools, etc). She also mentioned the existance of the color, accent and even citizenship discrimination in EFL industry.

More about the conference will be updated soon.


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