Summary of the “Music in ELT” workshop

Summary of the “Music in ELT” workshop

On May 11, 2016 we held a workshop entitled “Music in ELT”. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the benefits of music in EFL classroom and its practices.

The agenda began with an overview of the background and context of why music matters. Participants then shared their experiences and views of using music and songs in EFL classroom.

Heyder Guliyev, Shahnaz Alakbarova and Munavvar Asgarova were the presenters.

Heydar Guliyev’s presentation was entitled “Using songs in English language classroom”. His presentation consisted of essence of music, why we need using songs in our classrooms, instructions about using songs, and also he shared some interesting activities related to using songs in the classroom.

Munavvar Asgarova’s presentation was entitled “Learning foreign language through the music”. She talked around the questions of “Why learn English through songs and music?”, “What kind of music must be chosen while teaching foreign language”, and on the topics of main features that link music to language and strategies to follow while using the music in the classroom. She also shared some useful activities on using music in the classroom.

Shahnaz Alakbarova’s presentation was mainly about using music for unmotivated learners and she shared ways to motivate them with music.

In the end, workshop participants identified several key factors to be taken into account when using songs and music: Level of learners, their age, cultural background, interests and type of lesson.

See you in the next workshop:)



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