Workshop entitled “Movie and ELT”

Workshop entitled “Movie and ELT”

Copy of movie night

Dear teachers,

We would like to invite you to workshop “Movie and ELT” to be held in the Faculty of Engineering.  We will be discussing  how to use movies in the English language classroom. Presentations on this topic are more than welcomed!

Seminars of C-ELT is for all English languages teachers and they are on various topics. This is a chance for teachers from all types of establishments to hear ideas from each other.  It is about being engaged and inspired by our colleagues.

Everyone is welcome, and anyone is free to speak and give a presentation.  Please, sign up in advance if you have something you would like to share. We’d love to hear it!

Choose your format for presentation: Oral presentation, PowerPoint, Prezi, video or any other format.

Hope to see many of you there!



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